Haga, Norway


Tickets at the door

Tickets at the door costs 250 NOK, paid in cash. We don’t accept credit cards, checks, stamps or IOU notes, only cash. Norwegian currency only. Cash. Get it?

However, if you’re a foreigner, you’ll get away with paying 200 NOK at the door. Foreigners living outside of Norway, that is.

Tickets in advance

You can also buy cheaper tickets in advance: The price is 200NOK per ticket. Payment for advance ticket and food for Friday must be placed no later than November 1st, 2014.

You can buy your ticket in advance below using PayPal or international bank transfer. If you’ve already done that, but your lazy ass forgot the bank details, you can get them again here.

Order T-shirt

The Shirt! LOOK AT IT!As traditional we’ll also have a celebratory party T-shirt (designed by the legendary H7/Accession), so your friends can stand in your awe as you walk the streets – but this year you can order in advance! The shirt costs 120 NOK independent of size; just pick your size below in the registration form.

Note that in the interest of getting them done in time, T-shirt preorder closes on the 1st of October – if you want a shirt, make sure you order before then!

Pre-order food

The menu consists of a Friday dinner, a Saturday breakfast and a Saturday dinner (What is it? A Kindergarden surprise!)

The price for dinner is 50NOK each, while breakfast is 25NOK. You can also buy the whole package at once for 100NOK. Please note that the dinner for Friday has to be ordered and paid for November 1st the latest. This is so we know how much food to make. Because we’re having a special meal this year, all food has to be ordered in advance!

If you happen to be allergic to something or a vegetarian, please let us know using the contact form or in the note field below, so we can take this into consideration while assembling the menu.

Shuttle bus from Oslo

For those who are interested, there will be a free bus shuttle to the party place from Oslo. This bus will leave at 18:30 on Friday and at 15:00 on Saturday from Øvre Slottsgate 4, and will take you all the way to the party place. The bus company is Charterbuss, the bus will say “Kindergarden”

There are multiple stops on the way:

Afterwards, it continues directly to the party in Haga.

On Saturday, the bus will go through the same stops and route, only with an earlier departure. That means, the departure times will be Øvre Slottsgate 4: 15:00, “Oslo S”: 15:05, Helsfyr: 15:15 and Lillestrøm: 15:30.

This is a first-come-first-served option, but if you plan to go on this bus, feel free to let us know via the contact page so we know what to expect.
Do especially let us know if you want to get on at any of these additional stops, because if there is no interest, we will bypass the stop and continue directly to the party!

Please note that since this bus is free, there will be no-one making sure whether you are on the bus to the party or not. So please be on time, we will not take any responsibility for you not reaching the bus!

Shuttle bus to Oslo

Similar to last year, there will be a shuttle bus to Oslo in case you don’t want to sleep at the partyplace. Note that unlike last year, the bus will not be free.
The price for one ride will be 100 NOK, meaning 200 NOK for both days.

The bus leaves from the parking lot in front of the partyplace at the following hours:

It will also go through the same stops as the bus coming from Oslo (see above).

We will also sell tickets for this bus at the party place.

People coming to Kindergarden

#   Name Group Ticket?
1. Norway Leia Boozoholics Cellfish Organizer
2. Hungary Gargaj Ümlaüt Design Organizer
3. Norway kusma puzzleclub Yes!
4. Finland H7 Accession Yes!
5. Germany Widdy Nuance / Genesis*Project  
6. Germany OhLi Digital Demolition Krew  
7. Germany Nerdine Hitmen Organizer
8. Norway tFt Darklite Yes!
9. Belgium Santa TRSi / RBBS Yes!
10. Germany Plusone puzzleclub Organizer
11. Norway Arcane Darklite^Haujobb Organizer
12. Netherlands Haohmaru discomeats Yes!
13. Finland nosfe pWp  
14. Sweden Randy Insane/Hoaxers/Powerline  
15. Norway appears Yes!
16. Norway lug00ber bzh^kvg^nzh^spb Organizer
17. Norway Menace spb ^ acc ^ kbd ^ demozoo Organizer
18. Sweden Chucky The Gang  
19. Germany GRX PandaCube Yes!
20. France Dbug Defence Force Yes!
21. Belgium Ephy Yes!
22. United Kingdom Zonbie PandaCube Yes!
23. Norway Response darklite++ Yes!
24. Norway Zeila bitFlavour Yes!
25. Norway eladamri Kvasigen Yes!
26. Norway Soulman Yes!
27. Norway K-man Darklite Yes!
28. Norway Bitbear Yes!
29. Norway Spexzter Darklite Yes!
30. Norway JoMs Indigo Yes!
31. Norway Rina Yes!
32. Norway phobium penumbra Yes!
33. Norway Tee Jay Sapphire Yes!
34. Norway sinatra brainstorm Yes!
35. Norway Dozer Highly Independent Organizer
36. Norway baffle Organizer
37. Norway k0ne Organizer
38. Norway xZiT aPATHY Yes!
39. Finland Nrg PHn. & simulaatio.org Yes!
40. Norway basket case Organizer
41. Norway phoxy Yes!
42. Norway Dran Contraz  
43. Norway Slummy ZmSpBzH Yes!
44. Finland vexe VX Yes!
45. Norway Giulia Wherever Ruth Is Yes!
46. Norway Knatten Yes!
47. Germany Enno Twig Technology Yes!
48. Germany dino puzzleclub Yes!
49. Norway Frequent Ephidrena Yes!
50. Norway ferris yup ^ elix ^ hipster fucks Yes!
51. Faroe Islands T-101 Darklite  
52. Finland b0n Primitive  
53. United States p1c0 Yes!
54. Finland Insu Damones  
55. Germany xxx haujobb Yes!
56. Sweden Fred The Gang Yes!
57. Norway kmk portal process Yes!
58. Norway svok portal process Yes!
59. Germany Luisa Rabenauge/Poo-Brain Yes!
60. Germany D.Fox Digital Overflow^Paradise^TRBL Yes!
61. Germany Madame Yes!
62. Finland Stoneman primitive  
63. Norway quisten kbd^bzh^darklite Yes!
64. Netherlands TMC ROLE ^ CPI  
65. Norway Baggers  
66. Finland biini damones Yes!
67. Norway offwhite Darklite Yes!
68. Norway soba violence Yes!
69. Denmark Steel Brainstorm Yes!
70. Norway Cabbibo Cabbibo Yes!
71. Norway Anwarz Yes!
72. Finland Super secret visitor Yes!
73. Norway Deus Yes!
74. Norway A. A. Ron Balakay Equine Ducklings Yes!
75. Canada Leblane Happy Carnivores  
76. Oh God Who Would Pick Colors Like This DDT Auto Regbot Failure Recovery  
77. Finland codise dahlia  
78. Norway Enex Contraz  
79. Norway Tapped  
80. Norway Sebbert  
81. Norway Sin  
82. Finland 216 mfx  
83. Norway strife apathy  
84. Norway morbuz tufs  
85. Germany Cyclone Haujobb^Crest  
86. Andorra xeche penumbra / harlem spheretrotters  
87. Norway æTsidd Darklite  
88. Norway yantra penumbra