Haga, Norway

Thanks to Offwhite, the bus is a go!

Thanks to Offwhite, the bus is a go!

In a surprising twist, Offwhite curveballed us all and decided to sponsor some of the bus with her prize money from The Gathering. This brought us over the magic limit of money needed to make the bus happen (meaning our losses are now down to a level we can handle).

This means the bus is a go. However, there are still plenty of tickets left, feel free to buy one. We might end up ordering a smaller bus, so there’s no need to just assume you can wait until you get to the party place.

Offwhite rules, you should all hug her at Kindergarden, many times. We would suggest free beer, but as she’s carrying Offwhite 2.0 you should probably give her a back massage instead!

Posted by leia, October 31, 2014