Haga, Norway

Shuttle Bus! Can we meet the deadline?

Shuttle Bus! Can we meet the deadline?

We’ve booked a bus back to Oslo both days for people craving better sleep! Tickets for the bus will cost 100 NOK each day. Please note that unlike last year, the bus will go one way only.

However, the bus company wants the money real soon, meaning next week! Thus, we have to reach a no-go limit of 60 tickets sold before Monday October 6th. Head over to the tickets page for more information.

If we don’t reach the no-go limit, there will be no bus, and you will be refunded.

Also note that since this deal only came into place today, we’ve extended the T-shirt sales with 2 days. The new (and final) deadline for getting a T-shirt is October 2nd.

Posted by leia, October 1, 2014