Haga, Norway

Rules and FAQ

The rules

Every place has it’s own set of rules. Kindergarden is no exception. These rules have built up during the years and are as follow:


There will always be something that people wonder about, and will call us voice and nag about. This should answer most of your queries.

Q: Can we reserve tables at Kindergarden for our group?
A: Only if you bring single malt whiskey or Havana Club Rum for Menace. (One per table.)
Q: I’m a gamer. Can I come to KG?
A: No! Die! But seriosly, if you go to KG to play games you really are in the wrong place. Kindergarden has it’s focus on the demoscene and not gaming. But if you’re curious and want to see what this demoscene thing is all about then KG is a perfect place to learn. Talk to the sceners there and watch the compos. We’re sure you’ll be inspired.
Q: Can I bring my microwave oven/fridge/etc?
A: Sure, if you bring your own supply of power.
Q: Is there any bustrips to Kindergarden from foreign countries?
A: Check newsgroups or scenerelated websites. We’ll put some info up about trips if we recieve any.
Q: Can I steal some equipment at the party? I really want that inflatable USB buttplug.
A: Sure. Can we rip out all your nails, beat you to a blood pulp with a baseball bat and put needles in your testicles?
Q: Can we stretch the deadlines?
A: Earlier we’ve been quite flexible when it comes to deadlines. TOO flexible. Because of this we didn’t have enough time to prepare the compos. If you want the compos to run smooth without delays then you can contribute by delivering your entry in time.
Q: What’s this rumour I hear about there being an 18-year limit?
A: Limiting the party to those of eighteen years of age or older allows us to avoid the rapidly increasing number of 14 year old gamers and it means that the visitors acts more responsible and fair. Also, you have to be over 18 to drink alcohol in Norway, and this way we don’t have to run around babysitting you. We don’t see the limit as a problem since most of the people usually attending KG are over 18 anyway. If you really wanna come to KG even if you’re underaged then contact the organizers and ask for an invitation. This should be no problem if you’re a scener or want to become one.