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That was it for 2014! Thank you for everyone who helped us along the way and those who attended!

You can find the results and releases on Pouet and on scene.org; if you have photos, reports, or videos (oh god that prizegiving), let us know!

Posted by gargaj, November 11, 2014

Extended bus deal! Free bus trip to the party place! All is full of love!

Thanks to our sponsors, the bus deal just keep getting better and better.

For those willing, there will be a free bus to the party place. This bus will leave about 18:30 on Friday and about 15:00 on Saturday from downtown Oslo, and take you directly to the party place. Read more about the departure times and locations here!

This is a first come, first serve option, but if you plan to go on this bus, feel free to let us know via the contact page so we know what to expect.

The bus home will still cost you 100NOK each night. We will sell tickets for this bus at the party place, so remember to get one when you arrive.

Posted by leia, November 3, 2014

Thanks to Offwhite, the bus is a go!

In a surprising twist, Offwhite curveballed us all and decided to sponsor some of the bus with her prize money from The Gathering. This brought us over the magic limit of money needed to make the bus happen (meaning our losses are now down to a level we can handle).

This means the bus is a go. However, there are still plenty of tickets left, feel free to buy one. We might end up ordering a smaller bus, so there’s no need to just assume you can wait until you get to the party place.

Offwhite rules, you should all hug her at Kindergarden, many times. We would suggest free beer, but as she’s carrying Offwhite 2.0 you should probably give her a back massage instead!

Posted by leia, October 31, 2014

2 days left to prepay! You can still make that bus happen

Remember, it’s only 2 days left to prepay. You really don’t want to miss out on our nice dinner.
Also, keep in mind that unless enough tickets are sold, the bus won’t happen. If you want to make sure we have a bus, then grab that bus ticket before it’s too late!

Posted by leia, October 29, 2014

20, 20, 20, The invitation is out!

The invitation is finally out! A big thank you to our friends in Kvasigen for creating this masterpiece!

Posted by leia, October 19, 2014

Shuttle bus, total deadline extension

No real demoparty without a deadline extension.

We got a better bus deal, and as such the deadline for ordering bus tickets is now November 1st. (Same as all the other deadlines we have.)

Head over to the tickets page for more information about the bus tickets.

Please note, there’s still the same no-go limit, so you should still get those tickets!

Total number of tickets to go: 27 (This number will be updated).

Posted by leia, October 6, 2014

Shuttle Bus! Can we meet the deadline?

We’ve booked a bus back to Oslo both days for people craving better sleep! Tickets for the bus will cost 100 NOK each day. Please note that unlike last year, the bus will go one way only.

However, the bus company wants the money real soon, meaning next week! Thus, we have to reach a no-go limit of 60 tickets sold before Monday October 6th. Head over to the tickets page for more information.

If we don’t reach the no-go limit, there will be no bus, and you will be refunded.

Also note that since this deal only came into place today, we’ve extended the T-shirt sales with 2 days. The new (and final) deadline for getting a T-shirt is October 2nd.

Posted by leia, October 1, 2014

Ticket sales are open!

Let’s get this train rolling: Get your tickets over here, and this year you can also order the excellent T-shirt (designed by the legendary H7/Accession) in advance! Note that the deadline for ordering a shirt is the 1st of October, and the deadline for ordering food is the 1st of November!

We also have nailed the compo machine setup down:

  • Intel i7 4790 Haswell @ 4ghz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Titan Black
  • Windows 8.1 x64

Everything looks promising to have a great 20-year anniversary – are you prepared?

Posted by gargaj, September 7, 2014

Compo revamp!

We’ve done a bit of cleanup on our compo listing; none of the changes should be surprising since this is what we’ve usually ended up with ultimately, so we decided it’s easier to just follow the beaten path and announce them so in the first place. Check ’em out!

Make sure you pay some extra attention to our newest most awesome compo specially designed for our 20th birthday! JAWOHL!

Posted by gargaj, August 30, 2014

Our live act: Gasman!

We’ve been fortunate enough to secure the fantastic Gasman for our friday live act! Gasman has performed his particular brand of vocoder-fueled chiptunes at demoparties like Outline, The Ultimate Meeting, Nordlicht and most recently Revision, but this is the first time he’s in Norway. We can’t wait, and we bet you can’t either! Blip blop!

Gasman live from Revision 2014

Gasman live from Revision 2014

Posted by menace, May 22, 2014