Haga, Norway

250NOK at the door / 200NOK in advance


Releases and results!

What a party! Releases and releases are available on both scene.org and Pou√ęt – if you have photos or videos, send it to us!

Posted by gargaj, November 10, 2013

Schedule updated, food menu added!

The schedule is updated. Please note that we’ve moved the prize giving to 01:30 Saturday night so that people can go back to Oslo without missing it.

The food menu is finally out. Stew, stew, stew..

Don’t forget to work on your releases!

Posted by leia, October 30, 2013

Only one week left to get your tickets!

Kindergarden 2013 is coming fast! Remember to get your tickets before the deadline. You have one job!

Posted by leia, October 28, 2013

Consider yourself invited!

The oh-so-lovely guys at Eventide has made us an invitation called “Leaves”! Now there’s really no reason not to visit KG!

Little more than two weeks left, get your tickets now!

Posted by gargaj, October 21, 2013

Stamps back!

Following the huge success of last year, the hot tub is back for your bathing pleasure. Feel free to watch the hot tub invitation from last year to get in the mood. Please note that Steel will not be allowed to bring plastic floaters this year.

Posted by leia, September 30, 2013

Tickets, to guide your life, tickets, to buy a wife!

They’re finally here! Get them while they’re hot!

You can now get your tickets for Kindergarden 2013 right here! This year we also have Paypal, so Kusma can stop nagging!

Bonus points to whoever catches the quote in the subject field first!

Posted by leia, May 24, 2013

Starting off with a blast!

This year, Kindergarden will feature the one and only Glxblt (who was booked before the hall, that’s how awesome we think he is!). So bring your best moves and show up on Friday!

Posted by leia, April 25, 2013

Back for 2013

You’ll never get rid of us! To get you in the right mood, please take a look at last years invitation (and wild compo winner): Another invitro!

Posted by leia, April 24, 2013