The party

In short, Kindergarden 2007 is a demoparty which will take place during the weekend stretching from 16th to 18th of November 2007 at Haga Samfunnshus.

Haga Samfunnshus is situated at Haga, which is located in a part of Akershus county called Nes, one hour outside of Oslo, Norway. For information about travelling, see the "getting there" page.

The place can seat around 100 people, and it also has a small sleeping hall. Tables, chairs and electricity comes included in the entrace fee (feel free to bring your own extension cords though, to be sure to get connected). There will also be a small cafeteria where we strive to keep some of your hunger and thirst at bay.

There will also be a grill / bonfire and some wood. We're not entirely sure how much wood the owners will give us though, so if you're coming by car and want to make sure the bonfire stays, feel free to bring some.

Please note that the partyplace has no connection to the internet. However, there will be a small intranet available, so bring your network cables.

Showers are in a seperate building which you will be granted access to on saturday.

The entrance fee will be 200NOK(~25e) if you pay at the door and 150NOK(~20e) if you pay in advance.

If you plan on attending Kindergarden 2007, please register on

To buy a ticket in advance

You can buy a ticket in advance, and the price is 150NOK(~20e) and the deadline for doing this is wednesday before the party. The account info is as follows:

  • Name : Nina Høegh-Larsen
  • Account number : 2220.16.72779
  • IBAN: NO91 2220 1672 779
  • Adress to the bank : DnBNOR, 0021 Oslo, Norway

Remember (this is important!) to put your handle in the subject field and to bring the receipt from your transfer. If you don't, we can't let you in without paying. We don't know the real names of every scener and their mother, and we trust noone. After transferring the money, feel free to use the contact form to inform us, that way we can check that the money came through.

Please make note of the fact that if you're planning to buy the dinner meal for friday, you have to pay in advance for that as well, prices further down this page. The deadline for the dinner meal is monday before the party.

The crew

No Kindergarden without a crew running around not knowing shit. This year we consist of:

  • Arcane
  • Dozer
  • Gloom
  • Leia
  • lug00ber
  • Kusma
  • Menace

Thanks to Mulm for some fresh new graphics for this website \o/

The Band

Next Life - Multimedia electro/metal-inferno. The band Next Life was founded in 1999 by Hai Nguyen Dinh a.k.a Duck-Hunter/Spaceballs, deriving much from punkrock and demo/game music. They consist today of two people, and are known in the art- and experimental music-scene for their explosive live shows and dramatic and intense and newborn music. Be prepared :)

The Food

After last years success, we decided to widen our dinner menu and also offer you a meal on friday. The price for the whole menu will be 100NOK, which includes a spaghetti dinner on friday, a breakfast baguette on saturday and a pot stew dinner on saturday. Individual prices are 50NOK for each of the dinners and 25NOK for the breakfast. At least the friday meal will have to be paid in advance, to the same account as the entrance fee. Remember your handle!

The rules

Every place has it's own set of rules. Kindergarden is no exception. These rules have built up during the years and are as follow:

  • The rules are simple. We do not want to control your life. Just be nice, and use your brain.
  • Norwegian laws act as normal.
  • We can and will not take the responsibility for any kinds of theft or injuries. Not even injuries by our big guards. You have no witnesses.
  • We do not allow anyone selling anything without WRITTEN permission from the organizers.
  • You are allowed to drink alcohol but notice that too intoxicated persons will be thrown out or given a good flushing in the toilet. Don't drink more than you can handle. This will save both us and yourself from alot of trouble.
  • Puking inside the hall will be fined with 200 NOK. Please use a toilet if you suddenly have an urge.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside, not even during the demo compo.
  • Illegal drugs are of course not allowed!
  • You have to be 18 or over to attend.
  • Any damage to personal and public property must be paid for. This includes taking planks and other materials obviously supposed to be used to renovate the kindergarten and make a bonfire out of them.
  • No tagging etc inside the partyarea. We WILL catch the ones who do this, and we WILL beat them up and throw them in the trash. (After taking all their money and calling their parents.)
  • Be polite and smile when the organizers try to fix your problems and don't bitch the organizers all the time if you can fix something yourself without us noticing. (But stay away from the power!)
  • No stabbing allowed inside the partyhall (Slummy/Spaceballs excepted)
  • All assigns are made relative to ADE


There will always be something that people wonder about, and will call us voice and nag about. This should answer most of your queries.

  • Q: Can we reserve tables at Kindergarden for our group?
    A: No, sorry. But there should be no need. Just come in time and grab a lot of space.
  • Q: I'm a gamer. Can I come to KG?
    A: No! Die! But seriosly, if you go to KG to play games you really are in the wrong place. Kindergarden has it's focus on the demoscene and not gaming. But if you're curious and want to see what this demoscene thing is all about then KG is a perfect place to learn. Talk to the sceners there and watch the compos. We're sure you'll be inspired.
  • Q: Can I bring my microwave oven/fridge/etc?
    A: Sure, if you bring your own supply of power.
  • Q: Is there any bustrips to Kindergarden from foreign countries?
    A: Check newsgroups or scenerelated websites. We will put information about this on our website if we receive any.
  • Q: Can I steal some equipment at the party? I really want that harddisk.
    A: Sure. Can we rip out all your nails, beat you to a blood pulp with a baseball bat and put needles in your testicles?
  • Q: Can we stretch the deadlines?
    A: Earlier we've been quite flexible when it comes to deadlines. TOO flexible. Because of this we didn't have enough time to prepare the compos. If you want the compos to run smooth without delays then you can contribute by delivering your entry in time. Deadlines will be announced later on.
  • Q: What's this rumour I hear about there being an 18-year limit?
    A: Limiting the party to those of eighteen years of age or older allows us to avoid the rapidly increasing number of 14 year old gamers and it means that the visitors acts more responsible and fair. Also, you have to be over 18 to drink alcohol in Norway, and this way we don't have to run around babysitting you. We don't see the limit as a problem since most of the people usually attending KG are over 18 anyway. If you really wanna come to KG even if you're underaged then contact the organizers and ask for an invitation. This should be no problem if your're a scener or want to become one.
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