beer/fun/demos to the people!
The rules are simple. We do not want to control your life. Just be nice.
  • No fucking stealing of equipment! We've not had problems with this before and we don't want it now. But take good care of your stuff anyway! Every time some unlucky few leave things behind or loose their stuff. We do usually send things we find back to the owner but we'de be happy not to have to do this again this year :-)
  • We do not allow anyone selling anything without WRITTEN permission from the organizers.
  • You are allowed to drink alcohol but notice that too intoxicated persons will be thrown out or given a good flushing in the toilet. Don't drink more than you can handle. This will save both us and yourself from alot of trouble.
  • Puking inside the hall will be fined with 200 NOK. Please use a toilet if you suddenly have an urge.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside.
  • Illegal drugs are of course not allowed!
  • We have set an 18-years-of-age limit for attenders of KG. If you're under 18 and consider your self a scener or want to become one we'll consider letting you in :-) Contact the organizers if you're underaged and really wanna go to KG.
  • Any damage to personal and public property must be paid for.
  • We can and will not take the responsibility for any kinds of theft or injuries. Not even injuries by our big guards. You have no witnesses.
  • No tagging etc inside the partyarea. We WILL catch the ones who do this, and we WILL beat them up and throw them in the trash. (After taking all their money and calling their parents.)
  • Norwegian laws act as normal ofcourse (except when it comes to stabbing).
  • Be polite and smile when the organizers try to fix your problems and don't bitch the organizers all the time if you can fix something yourself without us noticing. (But stay away from the power!) :-)
  • no stabbing allowed inside the partyhall (except if you are Slummy or Purple Pussy)
  • all assigns are made relative to ADE
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