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General information

Comrades! We are proud to welcome you to another edition of Kindergarden! This year, we celebrate the ten year anniversary of this proud norwegian party and as always we want to make this party the best ever. How we'll do this will remain a secret until the party starts but as usual there will be lot's of cool compos, nice atmosphere and of course 100% scenespirit. KG is also still one of the best parties to visit if you're a fan of Amiga computers. However, don't let this scare you, there will also be PC, C64 and other platforms there, for sure.

Read on for more information.

Where and when

The party will be held at Haga Samfunnshus. The place Haga is located in a part of Akershus county called Nes. Akershus is a neighbour county to Oslo. To make the story short, it's the same place as the last two KG's.

The doors open at 18:00 on Friday the 17th of september, and close at 15:00 on Sunday the 19th of september.


The Partyplace

  • There is space for about 100 people. There are ofcourse enough tables and chairs.
  • The place has enough power for everyone.
  • A network will be set up (probably 100Mbit) The network will also feature some fileservers that will carry scene-related releases (including the results and releases of this and previous KG's). We'll use the network for voting and delivering of compoentries as well. Please note that we DO NOT offer connection to the internet. Unfortunatly the party locations are not connected.

Happenings, Entertainment and Leisure Activities:

  • Cool compos.
  • We will be showing alot of demos/animations/scenestuff (when not running compos of course).
  • There will be stage shows when you least expect it.
  • More will be announced later...

Food and beverages

  • This year we have a kitchen crew and they'll be serving food like: pizza, toast, waffles and various cold drinks.
  • If you should feel like buying food outside KG there are some stores and gas stations located some kilometers from the partyplace. You'll be needing a car to reach these as it's a long way to walk. We'll put up a map here later on to help you find your way.
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