beer/fun/demos to the people!

19.09.04 - KGB over!
Kindergarden 2004 is over and we would like to thank -everyone- who attended for a great party! The results are available here and the releases should be available pretty soon. Most demos are on already.

16.09.04 - Deadlines
Deadline for High Quality Music, 64k Music Executable and Wild Demo is friday at 21:00. Deadline for all other compos is saturday at 19:00.

08.09.04 - Invitro
You can now download the official KGB invitro by Lobstarrs here

28.08.04 - New compo
We added a banner compo, so now you can all run and make your banners :)

28.08.04 - Rules change
On request, the maximum length of the 64k executable music compo got extended by a minute. Your wish is our demand.

26.08.04 - Electricity
Seeing how the extension/divider cords for the electricity we normally use have gone missing, it's strongly advisable for every participant to bring their own.

25.08.04 - Birthday party
Leia/Squirrelz will be celebrating her birthday at Kindergarden. This has become a sort of tradition so even though this years KG is 2 months early we'll still celebrate :)

24.08.04 - Comporules
The comporules are ready. Go to the compos section and read.

12.08.04 - Registration
If you're coming to KG you should register here.

03.08.04 - Prepayment
You can now start buying your tickets, check the contact page for more info.

03.08.04 - Site online!
Yep, site has finally been put online.

03.11.03 - Kindergarden 0xB announced
Date set, location rented. Time to start coding your entry. The doors will open the 17. of September - 10 years after the first kindergarden, to the day. The location is once again set to Haga Samfunnshus.

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